Chris and Jeremy Jenkins

A Saddle Pal is featured on the cover of the March 2013 Acoustic Guitar MagazineCurrently, Chris and Jeremy build three models, the Saddle Pal and Elko models, which are 12 frets to the body, and the LH14, a 14 fret model. All feature select tops, premium back and side woods, laminated necks and highly embellished interiors. Each has a lower bout access panel to facilitate electronic installation and repair inside the instrument. Shown here is a Saddle Pal featured on the cover of the March 2013 cover of Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

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Chris and Susan Werner at New Bedford Folk Festival.I am proud to have built guitars for a number of great acoustic artists. I am not a player. The enjoyment I receive from building these instruments is knowing that people use them, listen to them, and take pleasure from that. When they do it 100 - 200 times a year in front of an audience, it is great to be a small part of the emotion a performer is sharing with those audiences. Here are some pictures and comments from the artists who own my guitars. The photo on the left shows Chris and Susan Werner at New Bedford Folk Festival.

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The interior of Todd Hallawell's guitar.This is the interior of Todd Hallawell's guitar. The high level of interior detail is standard on all models. The laminated sides and heavy inlayed side braces, not only look good, they serve an important acoustic and structural function.

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