Phil Morris

zebrafrontGarland, TX luthier Phil Morris comes from a background in general woodworking and small boat building, developing an interest in lutherie during years of collecting and repairing vintage instruments (especially ukuleles).  His friend Hawaiian luthier David Hurd encouraged him to start building and even sent him all the jigs and tooling he would need to complete his first guitar. David also told Phil about the newly formed builder's group LINT.  He attended his first meeting in February of 2000.

While attending the Guild of American Luthiers conference in 2008, Phil and LINT member Dan Fobert came up with the idea of building some high quality banjo ukuleles.  The banjo uke was an extremely popular depression era instrument and many vintage examples remain but Phil and Dan wanted to take the banjo uke idea and improve on it by giving it a more mellow voice and making an instrument that was easier to play.  These instruments are marketed under the brand name Spanky Ukes.  This adventure has proven to be very successful to the point that nearly all of Phil's available shop time is now dedicated to the production of Spanky Ukes.