Bo Walker

A Few of Bo's Many Fine Instruments

"This guitar was built as a Christmas gift for Ft. Worth artist Nancy Lamb (commissioned by husband Bob). It's a one-of-a-kind custom model made to fit her small stature.

It's a 24" scale 12 fret neck, domestic flamed maple with bloodwood binding and matching peg head. It has Indian rosewood fret board and bridge, gold mini Gotoh tuners and mother of pearl purfling and a mahogany neck with graphite reinforcement rods."







Torres style guitar built by Bo Walker.Another fine example of Bo's work. This is based on a Torres 1876 pattern. Torres is considered the father of the modern classical guitar. It is made of Indian rosewood back & sides, European spruce top, mahogany neck with Gotoh tuning machines & ebony finger board. Bo made the rosette himself just to prove he could. Click photo for details of the rosette and bridge.









On the left a mandolin with a Sitka spruce top and big leaf maple back & sides.

To the right a recently completed Mandolin
with maple neck, back & sides.







This is a recently completed classical that Bo made for Ed Schaefer. They traded instruments with each other. Both of them think the other guy got the better deal.

It is constructed with Honduras rosewood back / side, spruce top, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and Gotoh tuners. It features maple and holly purfling with ebony bindings.

To see how binding is done by a pro, click on picture for a detail image of the end graft.


Front And Back Of Modern LuteHere is a modern lute that Bo designed in collaboration with James Wirth, a prominent Fort Worth musician. 




NoelsClassicalHere is a classical that Bo built for Noel Johnston, a well known player and teacher. This one is made from 30 year old Brazilian rosewood that he and Ed Schaefer re-sawed. Check out the back and see if you can find the "Lion King" in the grain pattern. It has a western red cedar top with Bo's custom rosette built on a way cool jig. The top bracing is unique to compensate for the loss of top plate area given up for the cutaway.

It has a B-Band under saddle pickup and end pin preamp at Noel's request. As soon as Noel took delivery he traveled to St. Louis to record a new CD. Check out his site for details.