LINT October 2006 Annual Potluck Dinner Meeting

LINT october 2006

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This event was hosted by Bob and Winnie Harris at their beautiful home in east Dallas. The food, instruments and good times were enjoyed by all members and their wives who attended.

LINT would like to welcome some new faces….AD Raymundo, John Fabian, Frank Byrd, Rene Pena and Joe Slack.

Door Prize! A Honduras mahogany set was won by a drawing by new member Robert Leslie….what a lucky guy.

Show & Tell

Steve Kinnaird brought a Brazilian rosewood /“bear claw” spruce guitar with koa binding and 3 piece neck. The body is finished in a catalyzed urethane and the neck was nitro lacquer. He plans to install the B-band 2.2 pickup system soon. Look closely at the detail in these pictures…..

Steve Bigelowbrought his new OM made from Indian rosewood and Adirondack spruce. He made it all from scratch including his own dovetail neck joint and rosewood bridge. This is guitar #2 for Steve and he is especially proud of its improved playability and tone.

Matt Jacobs is rapidly becoming one of the attention getters in LINT. He brought his very first classical guitar made from nicely figured goncalo alves which he had resawn by Bo Walker. It is bound with snakewood and has a Spanish cedar neck. The rosette is also snakewood and really adds a special detail to the cedar top. This guitar was based on the Jose Romanillos design. He is pleased with the musical performance (courtesy of Andy Avera) and the appearance of his lacquer finish job….remember this is his first classical guitar! Matt also brought a 1923 A style Gibson mandolin which is about to be restored.



Robert Leslie showed members a new creation he called the “kyokomas”. It is made from his favorite wood (bass wood) and finished with Tung oil and shellac. Robert is very creative and is currently in the process of restoring an old Epiphone 12 string guitar given to him by one of his teachers.

Brian Kelly displayed his first guitar and asked for comments of LINT members. He used walnut for the back/sides, figured redwood top and bloodwood binding. It is a version of the Martin OM design.

Lewis Bauer shows off a reproduction 1903 Gibson F2 mandolin made from fiddleback European sycamore. The precise inlay and attention to all of the vintage details were breathtaking. He even made a custom case. All of his talent went into this high school graduation gift for his son. Kids should know is does pay to do your homework….what a dad!

John Fabian makes lap steel guitars in the area as Carter Steel Guitars and attended his first LINT meeting. Welcome John! He says he will host a meeting when the new CNC machines arrive in his shop.

Frank Byrd is a woodcarver and made his first guitar for his musician son. Note the delicate carving on the peghead as well as the body work….superb workmanship Frank and welcome to LINT!

Moses McKnight brought a reproduction neck for the restoration of a 1920s Vega Deluxe 5 string banjo. They are very collectable and preferred by many musicians. By observing his carving and inlay work you can see why Moses is considered to be one of the best there is…..Wow!

Don Drukenbrodt is a new LINT member and brought his new dreadnaught. He bought his materials from CF Martin and spent lots of time on the project. This effort resulted in a very playable instrument with great tone. He used Indian rosewood, spruce for the top and mahogany for the neck.

Dan Fobert has been busy fabricating his own truss rods, spinning resonator cones and creating a battery powered motorized cam clamp for those “hurry up” gluing jobs around the shop. The clamp required a radio control airplane motor, rack & pinion gears and a 9 volt battery….you have to see this thing work….AMAZING! Order them directly from Dan at the next meeting.

Bits & Pieces