December 2006

LINT December 2006 Meeting Notes

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As fate would have it, all 3 photographers were unable to attend so you will have to use your imagination for this one...

Just imagine you showed up for the Chinese gift exchange and were seated in a board meeting room with a 16 ft long mahogany table. Around you were 16 fellow LINT members and a table full of wrapped gift boxes. (no refreshments, no cameras and no restrooms... just bad luck at this meeting) Well, the attendees were anxious to draw numbers and start the event when all of a sudden the POLICE arrive! Yes, the rough and tumble world of LINT had drawn the attention of the law because of a silent alarm which was tripped in pursuit of the restroom! The perpetrators are presumed innocent until proven they will remain anonymous for now.

The gift exchange was a blast! It seems as though it will now become an annual event just as the Potluck dinner has. Some cut-throat activity took place and some real cool stuff changed hands such as a complete kit of guitar wood, various clamps, a bottle of wine, a rosewood T bevel, a fret rocker, carving knives, a sandpaper assortment, etc...

Special Thanks! By the way, Matt Jacobs and Dan Fobert supplied photos for the show & tell after the meeting….

Business items:

We discussed the upcoming Master Class with Dan Erlewine of StewMac and topics for discussion. Fret dressing, neck setting and adjustment were all items mentioned. Please contact Chris Jenkins for any further suggestions.

Also February is 2007 LINT dues renewal month! Make sure to have your dues current to continue email and meeting contacts as well as the Yahoo discussion group...$20 for the whole year. The dues have not gone up for 6 years...what a deal!!!

A reminder of the October 2007 1st annual LINT Instrument Show...Start your show pieces now! All LINT members are invited to participate by doing their best work on at least one instrument for this event and the public will be invited. Their will be local musical talent to perform on these instruments if you choose. Details will be made available as they are developed.

Show & Tell:

Dan Fobert brought an experimental baritone guitar which he calls the “Fat Cat”. As always Dan challenges the status quo.
This new design incorporates many features such as a 27 ¾» baritone scale, figures mahogany back & sides, Doolin style 3 ply adjustable neck, an innovative adjustable soundboard bracing system and a real cool Cheshire cat peghead inlay. The center of this design is the way in which the soundboard stiffness is adjustable against the downward forces of the strings across the floating bridge. By means of tightening 2 screws via access holes in the lower bouts, an arm will rise up under the cross bracing which allows for much lighter bracing to be used. We can’t wait to hear the results when it is completed.

Dan also brought the DANCO Bendomatic motorized fret wire roller. As a professional automotive mechanic, he has access to many of the components used in this tool. The unit is made using a vent window motor from a 2004 minivan, 2 1995 Neon throttle bearings, a RadioShack 12 volt power get the idea. By means of an adjusting screw, the final radius of the fret may be changed. When a fret wire is inserted it completes the electric circuit to the motor and the fret wire is automatically formed to the preset radius until the unit shuts itself off! And just in case the power goes off in your shop, it can also be cranked manually so you can still work in the dark!

Matt Jacobs brought a magnetic bridge caul which he made during the construction of his first classical guitar. It will give support for clamping pressure on the bridge without double stick tape. It is made with rare earth magnets glued into a wooden caul so that is held in place inside the guitar by 2 ea ½» nuts. The spacing is such that the nuts are located outside of the bridge’s length and allows for the placement of camps without interference. Good idea Matt!