LINT 2007 Master Class

LINT 2007 Master Class with Dan Erlewine

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The 2007 Master Class was another successful event for all that attended. Dan Erlewine imparted more knowledge in these 2 days than most members will learn in the same number of years.
As president of LINT, I feel that it should be said that there is no better group of members to arrange and execute an event like the 2007 Master class. These folks make it all happen by participating in the groundwork to make it all happen.
Crystal McKnight – Apron award, guitar straps and tool bags
Moses Mc Knight - Webmaster/photographer & inlay superman
Lewis Bauer – Shop Venue & gracious host
Chris Jenkins – Events/Speakers and chauffeur
Gary Graves – Membership/hospitality
Mike Roach – Facilitator/Sponsor & video operator

….and to anyone who brought a camera!
As a token of thanks, Bo Walker presented Dan with a green leather shop apron and lifetime LINT membership certificate. Dan will also be inducted into the LINT Masters Hall of Fame. The custom made apron was a major hit with Dan and he was so impressed with the fine quality of Crystal McKnight’s work that he requested several more in different colors.
The session was loose and a free form improvised event where members brought a variety of instruments with problems. Neck setting, crack repairs, action adjustment and fret work were the topics.
Dan was “in the zone” for the evaluation and diagnosis of each problem instrument presented to him. He is organized and methodical in his approach to all repairs.
Inspection was the rule before any work begins. He had to understand the whole problem and work out the manner of correcting it while everyone watched. During our session, he replaced frets, removed a classical guitar bridge, adjusted a neck, repaired a bridge plate and even had time to play some of the new instruments made by LINT members!
All were invited to be “hands on” with the StewMac fret board rule and neck setting jig. This was a real learning experience for those new to the set up.
Dan’s always interested in answering questions from people and says he learns something new every day.

Show & Tell:

Matt Jacobs stole the show for his first archtop and newest innovation on his truss rod access design. He and Dan Fobert started a conversation a while back about truss rod adjustment hole placement so that the peghead was not is that cool?
Dan plays the Jacobs archtop for the rest of the group.

Bo Walker brought his newest custom which is a short scale 12 string due to ship to St Louis customer songwriter Marvin Black. It is made from domestic flamed maple and Sitka spruce with ebony binding….Dan took it for a test drive.

Brian Kelly (above left) brought a OOO style for set up evaluation. It was played by a volunteer for everyone to hear. Brian has been putting a lot of effeort into improving the playablility and tone of his guitars and was looking for feedback.

Dan Fobert brought a sweet “bee’s wing” mahogany baritone guitar that he has been working on. He also demonstrated how to make wooden knobs for Schaller style tuners. He made a simple accurate jig to make the knobs. Hi s picture essay explains it pretty well. Look at the collection of knobs which he made for the meeting.

Bits & Pieces: