June 2009

Thanks to Brian Clem for hosting us in Dallas; here’s a picture of his shop. He had a lot of tools for sale and our members took full advantage of the opportunity to get some great buys.

The discussion centered around three methods of routing for bindings. On the left Bo Walker is explaining the Stew-Mac True Channel binding router jig. In the center you see Dan Fobert with his home-made articulating router arm. And on the right is Chris Jenkins with his binding cutter attachment he bought from Luthier’s Tool Co. All methods provide good results.


Show & Tell:
Chris Jenkins’ new steel string guitar with bubinga back and sides, spruce top and sepele headstock.
Robert Leslie continues to improve On his Selmer-style guitar with Basswood sides and spruce top
Dan Fobert is now building steel laptop guitars; he displays the Super Spanky. He also has a Rocketeer model.
Paul Denison demonstrates the gourd guitar he built.


Phil Morris is displaying his collaborative effort with Dan Fobert, his banjo-uke made of mesquite. Note the rose inlay.


Donald Vickery displays his second guitar in process. It’s got a spruce top and bloodwood sides and back.