October 2009

October 2009

Brian Clem's Shop

This month’s meeting was held again at Brian Clem’s shop in west Dallas. We are really thankful for his generosity in hosting the event.

Our agenda was made up of several sections. CNC uses in luthiery by Jeremy Trammell, a review of Roger Siminoff’s mandolin class by Chris Jenkins and show & tell. We had a discussion on organizing another art show event and Ken Sribnick agreed to lead the organizing effort.

Thanks to Steve Bigelow for photos and general support, Chris Jenkins for bailing me out on the venue and everyone who contributes their ideas…..Bo Walker, President - LINT
Brian playing Mike Imhoff Dreadnaught We saw Brian playing the Mike Imhoff dreadnaught with Mike’s new adjustable accoustic bridge. It sure sounded loud and clear after the bridge modification.
Getting set up for the video presentation of the Siminoff class by Chris Jenkins. Chris brought the mandolin in semi -complete condition. Getting set up for video presentation
New stuff arrives for the meeting “show & tell”. We had a banjo, guitar, mandolins (2), pickups, night lights….but no kitchen sink.

Dan Fobert

Dan Fobert discusses his new use of acrylics for inlay, light filters and pickup bobbins…wow, what a look!

The new Jenkins F5 mandolin from Roger Siminoff’s class. This was made in only five days… some assembly and finish required.
Logan Daffron displays his koa uke with pride. It is being made for the famous “Edie”. She should be pretty jazzed about the unique custom touches….a one of a kind glass marble inlay on the peghead and a self photo of Logan inside the body.
Jeremy Trammell was our guest speaker and discussed the application of CNC machining to the luthier process. Necks, bridges and molds or jigs benefit from the accuracy of the computer driven cutter. He brought a nicely done video to demonstrate the process. He is available to discuss your requirements at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Robert Leslie brought an polycarbonate (Lexan) mandolin he is working on. Bending acrylic is some job. Watch out Dan Armstrong!
Mike Imhoff brought his Frankenstein bridge To show the refinements he has made. He reduced the amount of aluminum and that made the sound more mellow. One day you may see this in a music store near you.

Chris and Jeremy Jenkins showed the new Lame Horse brand banjo. The neck was shaped by the CNC process by Jeremy Trammell. Nice job.