Masters Class 2013

LINT Masters Class 2013




Kevin Ryan attended our 2013 Masters Class hosted by the Hue Art Gallery in Mansfield, Texas on February 9, 2013.  His guitar designs start with many hand drawn sketches.  Then, after many changes, he commits the designs to the computer via CAD/CAM.


His shop depends on the extensive use of CNC and vaccum clamping. 


Kevin's favorite top woods are western red cedar, swiss spruce, sitka spruce and adirondack spruce. 







As many of us know, weight is the enemy of a soundboard.  Therefore, Kevin subscribes to, as does Chris Jenkins, making the soundboard as light and thin as possible to conduct sound well and be strong enough to be sound structurally.  From guitar to guitar, he can maintain maximum stiffness with minimum weight. He does this by measuring the stength to weight ratio of each soundboard. 




For an excellent explanation of the strength to weight ratio, see the article by Don Chesseer, "A Scientific Approach to Soundboard Consistency. 


Chris Jenkins, LINT President, presented to Kevin Ryan, LINT's offical green Masters apron. 



 Kevin's presentation included step by step photos on his guitar design and building.  Of particular interest was his Ryan Bevel.  It is a continuous bevel at the lower bout from the waist through and past the centerline of the soundboard at the bottom of the guitar.  He outlined his design criteria for the bevel:   [1] unbroken purfling,             [2] continuous flow, [3] recurve into the waist, [4] feather into binding and [5] asymmetrical.   



master1 master2

During the Masters class, Chris Jenkins, President, did a little house keeping.  Show and Tell followed with Jonathan Razo and Donald Vickery showing us their latest hand crafted guitars.   

DSC 0114

Donald Vickery shows off another of his guitars during Show and Tell.