Guitarlington Guitar Show 2012

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The 2012 Guitarlington Guitar Show was attended by a dedicated crew of LINT members making it a great success for our organization.  We had a pretty good mix of instruments to attract attention. The quality of craftmanship was heads and shoulders above other "hand crafted" guitar builders.  The following members attended this year's show:  Bo Walker, Don Vickery, Chris Jenkins,  Dan Fobert, Derek Lambert, Aaron Ringo, Steve Bigelow, Steve Frady and Rick Eagan.      

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Thanks to Don Vickery, Chris Jenkins, Dan Fobert, Derek Lambert, Aaron Ringo, Steve Bigelow for making Saturday's show a hit.  It was a good time being with our fellow LINT members, and the large number of people that attended the show.  Bo was shocked at the amount of legitimate interest in "hand crafted" guitars. Many were potential buyers, many were potential LINT members. 

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There were other hand crafted builders from other parts of the country around us at the show. The superior quality of the LINT members work reminded us of the benefits of being a LINT member - shared knowledge to help make the difficult tasks easier, and a sounding board to get honest and positive criticism of our work so that we may constantly improve it in the future.  It was obvious that some of these non-LINT builders did not have the benefits of being a LINT member.

Sunday's show went equally well.  We had a number of people stop by the booth and
talk about becoming members.  One person had joined LINT but had not been to
a meeting yet.  We will probably see him at an upcoming monthly meeting.  Donald Vickery was there with his Texas style guitar, which generated a lot of conversation.
Rick Eagan brought a nearly assembled kit guitar.  Derek Lambert had two of
his classical guitars. Steve Frady displayed his big acoustic bass. 

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Special note and kudos to Bo on his coordinating job he did at the show; making sure we had members there each day and Steve Bigelow for the great sign he made for the show.

We would encourage all LINT members to have some instruments to show at future trade shows as this.