August 2012 Meeting

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LINT Business

Chuck Lee

This month's meeting was held at the workshop of Chuck Lee, banjo maker extraordinaire and was attended by seventeen members.  A very good turnout.  It's always a pleasure going to Chuck's shop.  Besides the meeting agenda, you can pickup pointers on his shop setup and all types of jigs he has devised to craft his instruments. 


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As with some of our meetings, we had our "for sale or trade" activity.  Chuck Lee needed to give up some of his "stuff" and accepted any reasonable offer.  This is an excellent way to part with tools, plans or wood.  Bo Walker had a few good wood sets (tops, sides and backs) for sale at reasonable prices.    

Phil Morris


Phil Morris, President, opened the meeting with news that LINT would attend this year's Guitarlington Guitar Show in Arlington, Texas, on October 20th and 21st.  We plan on having a table with marquee, guitar stands and organization information.  Those members wishing to participate can provide their own handouts or business cards to sell their instruments.  Stay tuned to the LINT website's Calendar for further details.  Members will also be informed via emails on how they can support our organization in this endeavor.  

Interesting Project

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DSC 0721Next up, was a presenation by Steve Kinnaird and Chuck Lee of a "project" they worked together on for over a year.  Each used their skills to craft a guitar (Steve) and banjo (Chuck) for a "hand-off" at this meeting.  If you know anything about Steve's and Chuck's luthiery abilities, you know that these are high quality instruments.  

Show and Tell 

DSC 0739One of our resident thinkers (outside the box) is Derek Lambert.  Just like Chris Jenkins, he is working on perfecting his neck attachment system.  He presented his working model to the group.


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Paul Doxey showed off his Fender Strat style electric guitar he has been working on since January of this year.  Very professional craftsmanship, especially the finish. 



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Rick Eagan continues to work on his Martin D-28  Style acoustic guitar.  A little more work and he should have it finished by the end of the year.



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Mike Daughtery proudly showed his new finished classic guitar.  Mike re-joined LINT after a short absence.  He's encouraged to continue to attend as many meetings as he can. 



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The ever prolific luthier, Aaron Ringo, brought along his 2 newest classic guitars.  He keeps busy with a few local shows and has a regular repair business going.  Also, he teaches students how to play the guitar. 


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Wade Funk, guest, brought along his box of kit guitar parts for everyone to comment on.  Starting with a kit guitar is a very good way to learn the skills necessary for any luthier. 

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Thuk Pham has embarked on making 2 classic guitars.  Here he shows us his tops he has produced.  




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Lastly, Bo Walker, brought along a set of pistol grips he made for a friend.  This demonstrates that our luthiery skills translate into other woodworking projects.  Just think outside the box.  Here, he shows the wood sets he had for sale.      

End Note

Be sure to keep in touch with LINT events and meetings by referring to the Calendar.  It's been a pretty eventful year so far.