2012 Masters Class - Steve Klein

2012 Masters Class - Steve Klein

Klein nylon guitars

We were very honored this year to host Luthier extraordinaire Steve Klein  from Sonoma, California.     

Chris Jenkins, LINT Vice President, introduced Steve Klein as our 10th Anniversary Masters Class presenter. His acoustic and electric guitars are played by the likes of Steve Miller, Joe Walsh and Joni Mitchell.  It was evident that Mr. Klein is very passionate about his building describing luthiery as very labor intensive and creative work.  He freely took many questions and LINT members enjoyed his tongue-in-cheek, one sentence answers.  Mr, Klein presents a quiet and unassuming demeanor stressing the luthier should "do what feels good or right to the builder". 

He describes his guitar designs and building as "radical and provocative.  As technology changes, he improves upon his designs.  This was evident during his presentation and he stressed a luthier should not be timid in creating unique and innovative guitar designs.  Mr. Klein accomplishes this through continued experimentation.  His guitars are truly works of art. 

As is our custom, at the end of the meeting, Phil Morris, LINT President presented Mr. Klein with our coveted Luthier's Apron.

Klein apron4 

This year's successful Masters Class was attended by 33 members. 




Lint wants to acknowledge the First Christian Church of Irving, Texas for allowing us to conduct our class in the Recreation Hall.  It was a wonderful facility with a large open space, tables, chairs and a full kitchen. 

LINT Business 

Phil Morris announced that on non-meeting months, LINT will sponsor luthiery classes instructed by several of our most experienced and trusted members.  Sign-up sheets were set out and each session was promptly filled to the max.  Sessions are as follows: Beginner Inlay - Dan Forbert, Advance Inlay- Chuck Lee, B Band Install - Bo Walker, Pro Setup - Derek Phelps and The Little Things - Chris Jenkins.  If you signed up for these sessions, please refer to our new Calendar for dates, times and location.   

Tips, Jig and Other Things

Matt Jacobs showed the attendees a nail polishing block with four grits for polishing saddles, nuts and frets.  These block can be found at any drug store such as CVS and Walgreen for about $4.00 each.  This presents a significant savings over those sold by Stew-Mac.


Liam Snyman has developed a handheld thickness gauge he has named the Mag-ic-Probe.  It is an electronic gauge using a magnetic field to measure thickness of guitar tops, sides and backs.  If you are interested in purchasing this instrument, please contact Liam. 


Show and Tell 

Matt Jacobs presented to Bo Walker a Brazilian rosewood classical guitar as a surprise gift.  Wow whata guy and gift for Bo's friendship and help over the years.


Derek Lambert is still innovating and creating classical guitars out of cedar posts from Home Depot.  What will he come up with next. 

Aaron Ringo is fast becoming the next phenom of LINT.  He has built several classical guitars and is a consummate classical guitar player.  His latest is a Zercoti back and sides with a cedar top.


Donald Vickery shows off his latest guitar with mesquite top, sides and back.  The sound hole is in the shape of Texas.  Quite unique. 


Ryan Middlebrook's latest SJ Model is constructed with Bear Claw Sitka Spruce top.  Ryan is an associate of Steve Kinnaird. 


Paul Doxey shows his kit guitar with Adirondack spruce top and Palo Escrito back and sides.   

Steve Frady has been working on his acoustic bass guitar constructed of a cedar top and walnut back and sides. 


Chris Jenkins' latest Saddle Pal has a Engelmann Spruce top.  Here we see Steve Kinnaird playing Chris' guitar. 


Joe Slack showed off his playing talents by playing The Strummer an instrument he created to be easy and fun to play.  If you missed this, go to his website at www.theStrummer.com.  This photo shows Joe and Alex Orelchikov in an impromtu jam session.