June 2000 Meeting

LINT Meeting Highlights for June 2000

Our June meeting saw us back at my house in Coppell, TX. We had a pretty good turn out of ten folks for the meeting, including a couple of newcomers.


Chris Jenkins showed up with an old Stella guitar (shown left) that he had done extensive repair work on. It is amazing what $600.00 worth of repairs can do from a $100.00 guitar. Seriously, this project turned out a fine little guitar and Chris' craftsmanship was top notch.
The main focus of this meeting was to discuss a practical design process for the acoustic guitar. We discussed the process of making patterns for the body shape, the fingerboard, top and back bracing, the peghead and the bridge. The design process that each builder uses differs slightly, but we all agreed that taking the time to go through a design fully before beginning construction will save a lot of headaches as well as save expensive materials.

I also showed off three of Bridge making jigs that I am currently using. I use the jig shown below for routing the saddle slot. The jig consists of two rails to guide the laminate trimmer with stops at each end to control the length of the saddle slot. I also have two other jigs that I use to reproduce the profile and thickness of the bridge blank.

Lastly, we had an open discussion on Shop layout and design. Since everyone has different spaces available for a shop, and different budgets, we tried to keep the discussion focused on how you can balance your needs and desires with budget and space limitations. We discussed the types of tools each of us thought were essential in instrument construction.