August 2001 Meeting

August 2001 Meeting Notes

We met once again in August 2001 at Don Chesser’s home in Copell. We had 19 people show up including 4 first timers on a steamy Sunday afternoon. John Timblin showed his fifth guitar “Fat Bottom Girl” #004. That is Bo Walker playing it in the picture below right and member Dan Fobert (left) is seen play one of Ed Schaefer’s latest creations a 17” “Swingmaster”.

When we moved to the shop the topic was jigs, contraptions and binding ledge-cutting machines. Don showed off his “Wheel of Death” seen here (right). In keeping with his philosophy of keeping it simple and cheap, this rig consists of 25-foot radius disk that is mounted on a lazy susan bearing. An old washing machine motor that has a sanding mandrel mounted on its shaft drives the wheel by friction contact with the disk. Don can radius the linings and side edges to a perfect 25-foot radius in just a few minutes.
The main topic of discussion was binding-ledge cutters. Ed showed vertical milling machine set up that consists of an adjustable body holder and a laminate trimmer that is mounted on drawer glides so the trimmer can ride up and down. In use he mounts the trimmer on his bench and moves the guitar carrier around the around the machine. This is based on LMI plans and Ed offered to loan the plans to any one that is interested.
Don showed off his latest creation. It is a overhead swing arm binding machine based on a parallelogram. Like a dentists’ tray, this arrangement always holds the laminate trimmer exactly vertical. The arms are of sufficient length to allow it to travel around the guitar body, which is held firmly in Don’s elegantly simple holding fixture
The key to the geometry of this rig is that the pivot points on each of the two legs must be exactly the same dimension. The distance between the attach points on each end of the aluminum bars must be the same and the bars must be identical. This is an adaptation of a rig devised by well-known luthier Harry Fleishman and is I think an improvement on Harry's design. As with all of Don’s constructs it is made with inexpensive and readily available materials.
Chris Jenkins joined us late and brought with him a beautiful quilted mahogany Model 00. Note in the picture the hard-shell in the foreground. Chris bought this at the GAL convention in Tacoma in July 2001. He demonstrated its strength by standing on it with the guitar inside. The meeting concluded with Chris giving us an overview of the convention. Click here for an article by Chris on the Tacoma Symposium.