April 2006 LINT Meeting

The meeting was hosted by Chuck and Tammy Lee. (Chuck filled in as staff photographer for Andy Avera and Tammy makes some wonderful cookies and coffee)…..Our thanks go to the Lees for the hospitality!

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Chuck arranged for some fine shell and stone inlay materials to be made available from Rescue Pearl and Masecraft Supply. Our members had a large variety to choose from and we got a real nice price as well. Tammy manned the table to help everyone find what they were looking for.

Bo Walker held a neck carving demonstration which required only two files and took around 20 minutes. The key is a “Shinto” rasp which is the most effective tool for this type of hand work. This rasp is available locally at Hogan Hardwoods in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Moses McKnight and Phil Morris supervise the process of neck shaping
Dan Fobert brought a new sander and a spruce top banjo he just completed. (See the sander construction article on the LINT website)
(L) Mike Roach, Kevin Walker and Rick Eagan check out Dan’s newest work, while Bo shows the bracing(R)
Dan has spent most of his life in machine shops and certainly can produce just about any tool or jig imaginable. So it should not be a surprise that this one is a winner.

Dan demos his hand held spindle sander.
James Alexander shows his new hummingbird inlaid violin chinrest. He had a fair amount of influence from Chuck for such a finely detailed pattern.
Tammy Lee shows off the selection of inlay materials for the attendees. There was gold, black and white MOP, abalone and laminate sheets, dots of all sizes and shell strips.
Steve Kinnaird’s newest guitar is being made from ambrosia maple which has a unique candy stripe figure running throughout the back and sides.
The carefully inlaid peghead shows the intricate cutting that is required to accomplish the Victorian effect of his logo.
Finally...welcome new or renewing members Gil Torrez, Kevin Walker, Rick Eagan and Robert and Mark Leslie.