LINT August 2006 Meeting

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We had a great meeting hosted at the Jenkins estate. Thanks to all who participated and made the event one of the best this year! There were some new faces …Beau Thorne, Mark Hyde, Don Druckenbrodt and Jordan Yerkes. WELCOME to LINT


We also had the privilege of welcoming our US Army Capt. Matt Jacobs back home for his first meeting in a about year. He has been overseas completing his second tour of duty. Thanks for your service to our country Matt.

Chris had a slideshow of photos from the June 2006 GAL convention rolling in the back room. Some of our own LINT members attended the GAL this year:Phil Morris, Chris Jenkins, Steve Kinnaird and Jeremy Jenkins.The GAL event is quite spectacular for anyone in our field and is a must see sometime in your luthier career.


Show & Tell

The swap meet and Show & Tell were a lot of fun for the variety of our members’ creations and materials on display. Phil Morris brought some nice wood sets and Steve Kinnaird had some veneers and binding materials.

Bill Nugent showed his newest instrument, a cocobolo & spruce OM with Eastern maple binding and Grover machines. It was played by many and enjoyed by all.
Dale Mitchell– A mahogany and Engelmann spruce sunburst archtop with split block inlaid fretboard and Grovers. Dale also shared some ideas on the poor man’s dust collector idea he made for his shop. It is a compact, corner of the shop design which uses simple AC filters and vent to the outside wall of his shop.
Dan Fobert– Dan has become a budding machinist as can be seen in the custom bridge intonator jig , custom cocobolo amplifier knobs and a really nifty threaded trap door he made. (He owes us a picture of the trap door)
Matt Jacobs The newest fretboard radius jig was a hit in Chris’s shop. Matt Jacobs has some time to construct the jig which is used in conjunction with a 48” belt sander. It is adjustable 12” to 16” fixed radius or compound radii 12” X 16” on the same fretboard. The compound radius allows for much lower action setup particularly on electric guitars. There will be a LINT plan set for members some time in the near future.

Matt shows the design and the actual use of his fretboard radius jig (left to right)

Jeremy Jenkins brought his Jenkins & Son 6 string banjo. It features a laid-up maple rim and Brazilian rosewood headstock veneer.

Steve Kinnaird showed up with a beautiful Australian blackwood and rosewood neck classical guitar.
Robert Leslie brought a violin he just recently varnished. A young and inspired builder is showing he is ready for a challenge. Violin finishing is an art by itself.

Bungee cord clamping on the Cheapo bender….such divine inspiration…who would have thought you could make it any simpler? We’ll add this to the Cheapo archives.

Bits & Pieces