This gallery will display Rick's "lazarus" guitars and his first completed kit guitar.

"Lazarus" Guitars
Rick's First Guitar
Building a guitar mold
To develop some carpentery skills, I went about the process of making a dreadnaught sized guitar mold.
Guitar Mold finished
Note shirt and apron. Good combo - Shiner beer and Stew-Mac.
Martin Style Dreadnaught
The body of my first guitar displayed. I have added to the garage workshop by making a large 6 x 2 workbench with top and bottom shelves.
C.F Martin and Co Museum
Rick visited the Matin Guitar museum in 2006.
Martin Guitar museum
It's always fun and a pleasure to play a fine twelve string Martin guitar.
New, larger workbench
I needed more work space so I made this 6 x 2 workbench. Wow! Now I have more space to work on guitars.
Yamaha repair - Lazarus Project
Rick installing a new fret board on the fire damaged Yamaha guitar.
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