Some thoughts on the Master's Classes

I just wanted to write all LINT members to say how thankful I am for our organization, the friendship and encouragement we give each other, and the information we all share. I am especially thankful for the Master's Classes LINT has brought to us. I am shocked when I look at my guitars and notice how most of anything good about them is a direct result of things brought to us by those expert luthiers over the last 4 years.

For the small total sum of $225 over the last 4 years I have been able to learn remarkable things. Ervin Somogyi taught me how to select soundboards. The soundboard is the heart of the guitar. There is nothing I have learned in lutherie more valuable than this information.

Rick Turner convinced me that steel string guitars need necks with adjustable action- under full string tension. Thanks to Rick, my guitars will forever be comfortable, playable instruments. The action need never be too high or too low for any player regardless of his style or choice of strings. Fred Carlson inspired me to try to create instruments that dared to be more than a dreadnaught. He gave me a method of bracing tops which made my instruments more stable and consistent than ever.

Richard Brune convinced me that the glues and finishes I was using not only gave my instruments a limited life, but maybe were shortening mine. He removed the mystery around hide glue and shellac. I'm gluing and finishing in the style of the old masters thanks to Richard. I will be forever thankful for the generous nature of all of these geniuses who have shared their knowledge with us. I am thankful to LINT for bringing them. If you missed any of these, I can only say that you are not the luthier you could have been, had you attended. However, never fear, I am optimistic that LINT will continue this tradition, and we will have another of these geniuses next year - don't miss it.

Chris Jenkins