Parrelleogram Binding Cutter

Parrallegram Binding Cutter


Here is a overhead swing arm binding machine based on a parallelogram. Like a dentists’ tray, this arrangement always holds the laminate trimmer exactly vertical. This one was built by Don Chesser. The arms are of sufficient length to allow it to travel around the guitar body, which is held firmly in Don’s elegantly simple holding fixture.


The key to the geometry of this rig is that the pivot points on each of the two legs must be exactly the same dimension. The distance between the attach points on each end of the aluminum bars must be the same and the bars must be identical. This is an adaptation of a rig devised by well-known luthier Harry Fleishman and is I think an improvement on Harry's design. As with all of Don’s constructs it is made with inexpensive and readily available materials.

Here Don is showing another variation on the parallelogram binding ledge cutter. This ones by John Timblin. It is constructed of 3/4" mild steel square tubing and 1/2" baltic birch plywood. The pivot points are 1/2" axle bolts. John uses the LMI pilot bearing set with a Porter-Cable laminate trimmer.