These are articles about all aspects of lutherie written by members of LINT.  They include:

  • Information on various aspects of building classical and acoustic guitars and other types of stringed instruments.
  • Various types of jigs and tools our members use to create their beautiful instruments.
  • Tips and tricks to make tasks easier, safer, economical and more accurate.
  • Experiences and stories related to lutherie.  
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Title Author
Jigs & Tools for Pegheds Installation Written by Phil Morris
A Quick Review of the MAG-ic Probe Written by Phil Morris
Basic Inlay Workshop with Dan Fobert Written by Phil Morris
About Ervin Somogyi Written by LINT
Factory Specs for Acoustic Setups Written by Steve Lamb Jr.
Parrelleogram Binding Cutter Written by Don Chesser
My First Classical Guitar Written by Matt Jacobs
Hand Held Spindle Sander Written by Dan Fobert
A Whole New Jig Written by Bo Walker
Spyrograph Rosette Written by Dan Fobert
Motorized Sanding Dish Written by Chris Jenkins
Some thoughts on the Master's Classes Written by Chris Jenkins
From Chaos Comes Custom Order - A Day In Dan Fobert's Shop Written by Andy Avera
First Time StewMac Kit Builder Written by Andy Avera
Articulating Router Arm and Universal Workboard Written by Bob Harris
Low Cost Side Bending Machine Written by Bo Walker
Guitar Making in Spain Written by Bob Harris
Notes on Building a Vihuela de Mano Written by Chris Barker
John Mayes' notes on finishing & bending Written by John Mayes
Steve Kinnaird's Notes on Finishing Koa Written by Steve Kinnaird
Adventures with Brasso Written by Buck Montoya
Simplified Rosette Jig Written by Bo Walker
The Guild of American Luthiers Meeting Tacoma, Washington, July 4-8, 2001 Written by Chris Jenkins
Low Tech Side Bending - Bending With Forms and Heating Blankets Written by Chris Jenkins
A "Scientific" Approach to Soundboard Consistency Written by Don Chesser
My Acoustic Guitar Soundboards Written by Chris Jenkins
Hofner 12 String Neck Reset Written by John Timblin